Walk to the local shop rather than drive

Take the #5mileLeeds Challenge

We are challenging the people of Leeds to make a simple change that will make a big difference to the air we breathe.

Can you drive just five miles fewer this week?

Every mile matters, and how you reduce your weekly mileage is totally up to you. We all lead busy lives and understand that different options will work for each person.

Whether that means jumping on your bike to explore the great outdoors, walking the kids to school or using public transport, or even walking between your meetings at work - we want to see a city wide effort to reduce car mileage and improve air quality in Leeds.

For inspiration, here are some ideas to consider;

Parking in the city centre? Next time use the park and ride. You’ll never have to worry about an expired ticket again, and it’s certainly a cheaper option!
Do you know a colleague that lives nearby – you could share your commute with them a few days a week. WY Carshare can also match you with other looking at car sharing.
Ditch the car and get out on foot or on your bike. Instead of taking the car to the local shop or gym could you walk or get on your bike?
Got a meeting the other side of town? You could walk or take the bus instead of driving.
Could you walk the kids to school just one day a week? We know it’s difficult with busy lives, but small changes can make a big difference if everyone plays their part.
Let us know how you are taking part in the challenge by sharing your pictures and videos using the hashtag #5MileLeeds.


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