Clean Air Leeds wants to work with businesses across Leeds to help realise our ambition for cleaner air in Leeds.

By working together we can protect the health of the people of Leeds and make a big difference to the quality of air in our city.

Make a pledge

We’re asking businesses to pledge their commitment to tackling air pollution and join us and other businesses across the city who have already pledged their support to make a change. You can support the campaign through a range of actions;


  • Raising the profile of air quality through staff briefings and policy
  • Provide our city centre walking maps to staff and visitors

The Built Environment

  • Reducing gas consumption and reducing generator usage
  • Take part in local monitoring


  • Promoting walking and cycling to staff and visitors - you can find out more information at Love To Ride.
  • Sign up to the ECO Stars fleet recognition scheme
  • Consider OLEV grants for workplace electric vehicle charge points

Supply Chain

  • Reducing deliveries to the office and improving vehicle emissions
  • Implement a ‘no engine idling’ policy

Did you know you could also join the Travel Plan Network to offer your employees rewards and benefits for traveling sustainably.

Any business in the city can take part in the council’s annual travel to work survey, which takes place every Spring. The survey can help your business, and the council monitor travel behaviour of your employees. To take part or find out more information email


Let's clear a few things up


Cyclists and pedestrians are exposed to more air pollution than drivers


Wrong. As well as being better for your health and fitness, evidence shows that cyclists and pedestrians are also less exposed to air pollution than people in vehicles. This is because your air filter probably doesn’t remove pollution from the air it circulates and being on the road itself means that your vehicles is surrounded by exhaust fumes. Pedestrians and cyclists are also less exposed because even 1 metre away from traffic, there is considerably less pollution than on the road itself.


Turning your engine on and off again whilst sat in traffic releases more emissions than leaving it running.


Whether you’re stuck in traffic or just waiting to pick someone up, if you think that your car might be stationary for more than 2 minutes it’s better to turn your engine off than leave it running. Doing so will reduce the amount of gases harmful to our health and the environment that your car emits. It’s an easy way to reduce your own contribution to air pollution!


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We know we need to improve air quality in the city and are committed to doing our bit to make a difference.

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